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Alcohol detoxification (alcohol detox) and drug detoxification (drug detox) are the first steps on the path to recovery for alcoholism and drug abuse. Our goal at Serenity House is to safely cleanse the body of alcohol and drugs while medically easing withdrawal symptoms for the highest level of personal comfort. After detoxification, the client may choose to participate in drug rehabilitation (drug rehab) and/or alcohol rehabilitation (alcohol rehab). Serenity House can provide resources for referrals to recovery programs.

Detoxification is nothing short of vital to rehabilitation and recovery. Only detox centers which employ the most advanced detoxification methods can expect to help their clients get sober for good. More than 80 percent of all recovering addicts report that detox is the hardest part of recovery. As the body begins to detoxify, the person must not only cope with the absence of the intoxication, but also with physical, neurochemical, and bodily dysfunction. It can be very uncomfortable and difficult, but Serenity House provides all the latest proven and most successful methods as well as a gentle and caring staff to guide you in your process.

A comfortable drug detox is necessary to ensure a smooth transition into a treatment program. Clients detoxing at Serenity House are able to avoid the discomfort of a hospital environment. They are afforded the luxury of a nice bed and good food, as well as staff and other guests to interact with for enjoyment and support. Our programs offer a broad range of therapies, all of them tailored to individual forms of addiction. Detoxing from each substance is a unique process that brings along its own challenges. Our detox center is designed to ensure that recovering addicts get all the support and care they need to make it through the withdrawal process.

A competent detox program is vital to your long term outlook for recovery, especially since it prepares you to meet the demands of rehab. If you’re going to get sober, your time in a detox program has to leave you strong physically, mentally and emotionally. At Serenity House, we are committed helping you achieve that!